Simple CRUD

Simple Crud is a simple application that is used to operate a database with a modern appearance.
Includes login functions, a panel for both the user and administrator.
In this project I used Entity Framework (Code First) to connect to the MSSQL database. 
I made the project in my free time, which I have not much lately because of studies and work etc. 
I think it is a very simple example of CRUD application which is certainly something that every programmer wrote in his career.

 Application characteristics General:

 - SMTP Client password reminder 
 - CRUD database services 
 - Modern design User 
 - Login 
 - Password reminder via email 
 - Adding and removing articles 
 - Edit your profile Admin and GM 
 - Access to the admin panel 
 - change user's password 
 - adding and deleting user data 

 Project characteristics:


 .NET Framework
 Entity Framework code first approach 
 Visual Studio 2019 
 MSSQL 2012

 User Interface:

 The user interface layer is responsible for presenting information  user and user command interpretations through  assigning them to application layer services.   

 Doimain Layer:

 The domain layer contains domain models, independent value objects. This layer contains information about business domain. Responsible for business domain concepts.


 Layer This layer acts as a support library. Facilitates communication between all layers. Contains SMTP, Database connection, provides cache in the form of currently logged in user

 Screenshots form aplication