Cheap wifi jammer


Deauth the WiFi!

A deauther allows you to disconnect devices from a WiFi network. Even if you're not connected to that network. Deauthers take advantage of a weakness in the 802.11 protocol which allows the sending of deauthentication frames by unauthorised devices.
Deauthers come with other features such as Beacon Spamming (spamming WiFi network names) and Probe Spamming

Deauthers in a nutshell.

Deauthers demonstrate a vulnerability in the 2.4GHz WiFi protocol. They are able to kick devices off a network irrespective of whether you are connected to it or not. Deauthers are not jammers as they do not fill the spectrum with noise. Nevertheless you should only use your deauther on networks you have permission to interfere with.
Deauthers can target a whole network or specific devices on a network, they also come bundled with other features such as WiFi network name spamming.


Meet the Deauthers

The USB deauther is the size of a credit card, once he's plugged in he'll create a WiFi network "OneShotOneKill"  (default is 'pwned'). You can connect using a phone/computer, then just navigate to '' in your browser and you can control your deauther remotely using a web interface!

Supports The Creator

My deauther use firmware developed by Spacehuhn (Stefan Kremser). Whilst most purpose built deauthers on the market rip off his creation, our deauthers are the real official boards; approved by spacechuhn, with a portion of sales going back to support him.