Damian Lewandowski - SAP EDI and .NET Developer

EDI .NET SAP and much more...

About me

I am graduate of geodetic technical college, hovewer in 2018 I started studying IT. Currently I work in Lisner company as EDI-Consultant where I develop international projects and I program interfaces for data exchanges for our clients. In my free time I program in C# and ASP.NET, and I develop my skills in the field of IoT.

My current work

I started my first work in IT in June 2019 and works there until now. I work in the Poznań company Lisner Sp z.o.o which is part of the Müller group. Müller is an international producer of dairy products based in Fischach in German Bavaria. In this organization I hold the position of an SAP EDI consultant, and I am responsible for introducing new and maintaining existing EDI connections with our clients. While carrying out my tasks, I focus on providing the best solutions for our clients with full professionalism and maintaining standards. For this I use Seeburger bis 5/6 software and SAP erp system. We use messages such as IDOC, EDIFACT, XML and TRADACOM to exchange data. I like my job very much, it gives me great satisfaction in conducting international projects.


I started learning programming as a self-taught, from simple console applications written in C #. In the meantime, I became interested in website positioning (I am until now). I also completed a 40-hour course "Fundamentals of Digital Marketing" under the patronage of Google. I learned a lot thanks to this and decided to use it when creating pages in HTML and WordPress. Currently, in my free time I am constantly developing, I believe that the best way to improve my skills is to practice supported by theory. I am focusing on .NET technology because I see it being constantly developed. Knowing this technology and the C# language that goes hand in hand, we are able to create a lot of great things, starting from simple console applications that monitor the status of our website by going through enterprise class systems, to webservices written in ASP.NET or cross-platform applications using Xamarin.